Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Forex Trend Alerts: 02/25/09

Currency ---- Trend ---- Position ---- Stop ---- Comments

EUR/USD -- Hold Short, with stop at 12905

GBP/USD -- Go Long with stop at 14250 on close

AUD/USD -- Hold Short, maintain stop at 6670

USD/JPY -- Hold Long, move stop higher to 9340 on close

USD/CHF -- Hold Long, maintain closing stop at 11400


  1. Good morn Michael.Please explain what is happening with GBP/USD?Was stopped at 14250.
    please elaborate on the technicality. i am interested. also
    I cant understand why my broker will not allow me to long gbp/usd now becos market is closed.
    Thks and regards.

  2. Hi Newbie1,
    Yes, unfortunately GBP/USD was stopped out due to consolidation period. Any trending system will face such whipsaws during non-trending or consolidation period. However, my system turns
    Short now with stop at 14500 on close. Please refer to the latest alerts.
    Best regards,


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