Monday, March 9, 2009

Forex Trend Alerts: 03/10/09


Short at 12800 (02/24) L/Closing: 12619 Floating: +181 pips

Hold Short, maintain stop at 12790 on close


Short at 14250 (02/26) L/Closing: 13787 Floating: +463 pips

Hold Short, move stop lower to 14200 on close


Short at 6420 (02/27) L/Closing: 6343 Floating: +77 pips

Hold Short, maintain closing stop at 6550


Long at 9150 (02/16) L/Closing: 9893 Floating: +743 pips

Hold Long, maintain closing stop at 9580


Long at 11600 (02/24) L/Closing: 11585 Floating: -15 pips

Hold Long, maintain closing stop at 11460

Quote of the Day:

"The road to success is always under construction." - Origin Unknown


  1. hi Michael,
    Knocked out of USD CHF at 1.1460. Long again at current of 1.1598 or wait for new signal?

  2. Hi Newbie1,

    Please read the alerts carefully. The USD/CHF Long position still holds, it has never been stopped out yet. The 11460 is a Closing Stop, which means the stop will be placed at Closing time only, so we can avoid the whipsaws.

    There are pros and cons in placing the closing stops. It could help avoid the whipsaws on one hand, yet it could sacrifice more profits or suffer more losses too.

    Anyway, no perfect trading system existed, we have to face the reality of imperfectionness.

    Have a good trading day!


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