Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forex Trend Alerts: 06/08/09


Long at 13280 (05/04) L/Closing: 13963 Floating: +683 pips

Liquidate Long if penetrates below 13930 and resverse to Short. If Short, then place protective stop on close at 14280.


Short at 16125 (06/05) L/Closing: 15975 Floating: +150 pips

Hold Short with stop on close at 16230


Stopped out at 7930 (06/05) Realized Profit: +580 pips

Sell Short on market opening with stop on close at 8160


Stopped out at 9884 (06/05) Realized Loss: -357 pips

Establish Long position on dips with stop on close at 9610


Short at 11380 (05/04) L/Closing: 10861 Floating: +519 pips

Liquidate Short if goes above 10890 and reverse to Long. If Long, place a protective stop on close at 10640.

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