Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Forex Trend Alerts: 01/28/10

Track Record from 01/01/10 till Current Date:

Nett Floating Profit/(Loss): +624 pips

Nett Realized Profit/(Loss): +79 pips

Nett Equity: +703 pips


Short at 14692 (12/09) L/Closing: 14018 Floating: +674 pips

Hold Short and move stop lower to 14307 on close to take profit


Long at 16280 (01/14) L/Closing: 16174 Floating: -106 pips

Hold Long with stop on close below 16103


Long at 9124 (01/05) L/Closing: 8956 Floating: -169 pips

Hold Long with stop on close below 8955


Short at 8999 (01/25) L/Closing: 8995 Floating: +4 pips

Hold short with stop on close above 9275


Long at 10275 (12/09) L/Closing: 10496 Floating: +221 pips

Hold Long and move stop higher to 10235 on close

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  1. Hi,

    That is the NETT value, after contra floating profits and losses. If floating loss is greater, it will show a negative sign ( - ).

    Thanks for the alert. I will add the word "NETT" in front.



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