Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Forex Trend Daily Alerts: 11/25/10

Track Record from 01/01/10 till Current Date:

Nett Floating Profit/(Loss):  +352 pips

Nett Realized Profit/(Loss):  +5131 pips

Nett Equity:  +5483 pips


Short at 13687 (11/15)  L/Closing: 13356  Floating: +331 pips

Hold Short with stop on close above 13682 to take profit


Stand aside awaiting new entry signal


Stand aside awaiting new entry signal


Stand aside awaiting new entry signal


Long at 9922 (11/22)  L/Closing: 9943  Floating: +21 pips

Hold Long with stop on close below 9610

Note:  We trade 20 currency pairs with only ONE trading system!

16th Trend Trader Mentoring Workshop:  "YOU ARE THE WINNER!"

(Conditioning & Transforming Your Trading Mindset to the 5% Winner Mindset)

Online Preview:

Please click for Online Trend Trader Mentoring Workshop Preview

Malaysia:  (English)  Date:  10 - 11, December, 2010  (Fri & Sat)

Malaysia:  (Chinese)  Date:  17 - 18, December, 2010  (Fri & Sat)

Venue:  Wise Traders Training Center, Mid Valley, K. Lumpur.

Singapore:  (English)  Date:  14 - 15, January, 2011  (Fri & Sat)

Venue:  National University of Singapore

Fee:  Please refer to your local organizer

For Registration:

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