Monday, August 1, 2011

Forex Trend Daily Alerts: 08/01/11

2010 Trading Track Record:  (01/01/10 till 12/31/10)

Realized Profit:  +4,417 pips  (USD 44,170)

Employed Capital:  USD 25,000*

Return On Employed Capital:  176.68%

*(Employed Capital USD 25k + Reserved Capital USD 50k = Total Capital USD 75k)


2011 Trading Track Record from 01/01/11 till current date:

Nett Floating Profit/(Loss):  +1282 pips

Nett Realised Profit/(Loss):  -1493 pips

Nett Equity:  -211 pips


Stand aside awaiting new entry signal.


Long at 16296 (07/25)  L/Closing: 16411  Floating: +115 pips

Hold Long with stop on close below 16103


Long at 10822 (07/25)  L/Closing: 11012  Floating: +190 pips

Hold Long with stop on close below 10705


Short at 8121 (05/02)  L/Closing: 7733  Floating: +388 pips

Hold Short with stop on close above 8025 to take profit


Short at 8509 (05/30)  L/Closing: 7920  Floating: +589 pips

Hold Short with stop on close above 8235 to take profit

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