Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Forex Trend Alerts: 04/07/09


Long at 13450 (04/06) L/Closing: 13322 Floating: -128 pips

Hong Long with closing stop at 13200


Long at 14750 (04/06) L/Closing: 14652 Floating: -98 pips

Hold Long with closing stop at 14500


Long at 6570 (03/16) L/Closing: 7065 Floating: +495 pipa

Hold Long with stop at 6850


Long at 9740 (03/31) L/Closing: 10040 Floating: +300 pips

Hold Long with stop at 9680


Long liquidated at 11500 (03/30) Realised Loss: -200 pips

Reversed to Short at 11300 (04/06) L/Closing: 11379 Floating: -79 pips

Place closing stop at 11560

Quote of the Day:

"Most people would rather die than think; in fact, they do so." - Bertrand Russell


  1. Hi Michael,
    The market has been behaving strangely?
    Appreciate if you can update today's trend?
    Any change?
    Thanks n regards,

  2. Hi Newbie1,
    EUR/USD & GBP/USD are non-trending during this period thus causing losing trades. All trending systems will generate good profits only when the markets trend otherwise we will suffer temporary setbacks in our trading. Remember, one has to be persistent in choosing and following a trending system, only then we are able to catch the coming trends earlier.


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