Thursday, April 16, 2009

Forex Trend Alerts: 04/17/09


Go Short at 13150 or higher with protective stop at 13450


Long at 14750 (04/06) L/Closing: 14928 Floating: +178 pips

Hold Long with stop at 14750


Long at 65Bold70 (03/31) L/Closing: 7197 Floating: +627 pips

Hold Long with stop at 6980


Long at 9740 (03/31) L/Closing: 9946 Floating: + 206 pips

Hold Long with stop at 9800


Go Long at 11500 or lower with protective stop at 11300 on close

Golden Words for Traders:

"Trading needs to be fun, emotionally exciting, personally and financially fulfilling, and stress-free. If you are going to be successful at trading, you will need to acquire a trading strategy that is easy to execute, easy to understand, easy to obey, and that works for you consistently. You will also need to master your emotions."

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