Sunday, April 19, 2009

Forex Trend Alerts: 04/20/09


Short at 13150 (04/17) L/Closing: 13025 Floating: +125 pips

Hold Short with closing stop at 13280


Long at 14750 (04/06) L/Closing: 14782 Floating: +32 pips

Hold Long and reverse to Short at 14750 stop


Long at 6570 (03/31) L/Closing: 7207 Floating: +637 pips

Hold Long with stop at 6980


Long at 9740 (03/31) L/Closing: 9923 Floating: +183 pips

Hold Long with stop at 9800


Long at 11500 (04/17) L/Closing: 11671 Floating: +171 pips

Hong Long with stop at 11300

Golden Words for Traders:

"Most unsuccessful traders fail to realise the importance of following rules that will lead to their success. If you are a rule breaker, then there is no point in trying to learn any new system that requires rules to be followed. If it is in your character to break rules, then learning a new successful skill that can change your financial future is useless. You will simply break the rules and self-destruct."

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