Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forex Trend Alerts: 04/23/09


Short at 13150 (04/17) L/Closing: 13007 Floating: +143

Hold Short with stop on close at 13220


Short at 14750 (04/20) L/Closing: 14493 Floating: +257 pips

Hold Short with 14830 stop


Short at 7000 (04/21) L/Closing: 7060 Floating: -60 pips

Hold Short with closing stop at 7280


Short at 9800 (04/21) L/Closing: 9804 Floating: -4 pips

Hold Short with closing stop at 10040


Long at 11500 (04/17) L/Closing: 11634 Floating: +134 pips

Hold Long with closing stop at 11440

Golden Words for Traders:

"Trading charts speak, they all tell you a 'story' when the market moves. Because history repeats itself, where the market has been begins to predict where it is going. If you are not a good listener, trying to interrupt its story and try to second guess what it is going to say, you will set yourself up to make a poor decision. They are good communicators only to traders who are good listeners."

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